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Building an Email List for Beginners Pt 5 – 6 Steps to Using Twitter to Build Your Email List

Twitter is a great tool for building your email list.

However, you need to be very smart in the way you approach your “Tweeps” with any marketing effort. Twitter is a very social medium and most people will not tolerate being directly marketed to.

They want information and entertainment.

Here are 6 steps to set up your Twitter account to build a list.

This method takes some time to be effective, but it is worth it.

  • Step 1 – Choose your niche. If you have found a good “keyword loaded domain” name for your website, you should create your new Twitter account with a focus on that name/niche. For example, if you are in the gardening niche and your domain was gardeningsecrets[dot]com, then a good Twitter handle would be “gardeningsecret” and it notes that the maximum length allowed for a username is 15 characters. You could also use gardeningpro. You get the idea.
  • Step 2 – Create your new Twitter account and follow 2-5 people. I usually follow the guys on Twitter. It doesn’t matter who you follow. Be sure to write your description to include your keywords and how you like to help people garden or whatever. Put the URL of your new domain as your site link. Advice: This helps with indexing to Google if your domain is new.
  • Step 3 – Next, go to and create a new account. This site will allow you to automatically post tweets from RSS feeds. Go to bitly and create an account. This is a URL shortening service. You’ll need to do some reading on how to integrate bitly with twitterfeed. To automatically follow people who follow you, set up an account at
  • Step 4 – This is the time consuming part of setting up your Twitter list building system. Search the internet for the best blogs in your niche with the absolute best content you can find. Do not use dusty old car blogs or blogs that the owner rarely uses. You’re looking to find 15-50 really good blogs to tweet when the owners post new content. You do not want to post more than one tweet from any blog in 24 hours. When you have all of this set up and you’re in a decent niche, you should have 500-1000 followers within 30-60 days or so. Maybe more!
  • step 5 – Set up your site using some kind of blogging software. I recommend WordPress. It is free and easy to use. There are plugins that will allow you to quickly embed your subscription box on your blog. Free attractive themes are all over the internet. Create really great content and post it once every 3-5 days on your blog for a month while you gather a following. You should not reuse the content of your articles that you have submitted to an article directory, unless you completely rewrite them as new content.
  • step 6 – Now that you have a decent amount of followers, start tweeting your posts to them. I recommend that each post be tweeted twice, once in the morning and then right after dinner time when people are at their computers. The next day, tweet your next post.

When you have good content and occasionally tweet something about yourself, people will get to know you and ultimately trust you.

The whole system will basically run on autopilot when complete! When they visit your site to gobble up your content, many will sign up for your list!

This is time consuming, but you can easily use Twitter to build your email list.

Click the link below for more information to help you build your list quickly.

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