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Discover the three Cs of a successful resume

The key elements for writing a resume are three C’s that indicate clarity, content, and cohesion. All of these three Cs are very important when writing a resume because these deliberations help add value and meaning to any resume.


Clarity means a clear description of everything. The first ‘C’ states that each and every statement on the resume must be clear and meaningful. There should be no clutter, no messy language, and no irrelevant information. The applicant must use common words and simple language that is easily understood by everyone. Words or statements should not be misinterpreted or the applied position will be lost in a few seconds. A single mistake can take an individual away from the rewarding job opportunity. The resume should have a clear description of work history, relevant skills, exceptional skills, and educational qualification.


The second ‘C’ is content that has a high value when creating a resume. What is written on the resume makes a big difference in the selection or deselection procedure of the applicant. Content means everything that is relevant, including the applicant’s full name, full contact details, synopsis of professional work experience, and a summary of educational qualification. Apart from this, special skills and talents should be highlighted to show past achievements and contributions in the growth and success of the previous employer. Every detail, all project managers and all information related to the position must be specified in the applied CV. The stronger the content of the resume, the greater the demand of the applicant in the job market.


When writing a resume, people think about the functional and educational aspects, but most ignore the meaning of cohesion. Everyone takes care of content and clarity, but ignoring cohesion gets them nowhere. It is also an important aspect of writing a resume, as it brings together all the elements of a resume. All elements such as content, fonts, grammar, spelling, and language must flow in one direction. Everything must be combined with each other in a perfect proportion. The resume should be simple and straightforward with a simple font used and impeccable content.

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