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Eyebrow Piercing – The Most Popular Types

Our eyes are among the most important areas of the human body. Of course, a great means of enhancing the eyes is through various types of piercings. While other types of face piercings are becoming more accepted, the eyebrow piercing is already leading the way and still spawning new styles in body piercing.

Depending on the position it occupies, the eyebrow piercing can be classified into several types.

• The horizontal eyebrow piercing is placed horizontally over the eyebrow, following its line. The extraordinary look of this piercing can add to the shape of your eyebrow. Jewelry options that will follow this type of piercing include barbells, curved bars, banana bells, and bioplastic bars.

• Bridge piercing represents an alternative to nose piercing. It is the portion of skin between the top of the nose and the eyes that is pierced. However, this is not the best variant if you have tight skin in the area because it will dry out and flake off.

• The eyebrow piercing is performed slightly below the lower eye socket, just on the upper cheekbone. Like the previous two types, this one runs exactly under the skin, not even touching the muscles or bones of the face.

• A variant of the common brow piercing is the spiral brow piercing. The difference between them is that the spiral brow type consists of two or three successive holes. Subsequently, a spiral-shaped jewel is passed through all these holes.

• The T-shaped eyebrow piercing represents a typical vertical and horizontal piercing. These are run in close proximity to each other to create the shape of the letter “T”.

• When two or more types of piercing are combined, this is labeled as Combination or Multiple Eyebrow Piercing.

How To Choose Eyebrow Body Jewelry

It is your personal choice as to what angle of the brow you would like to have pierced. The truth is that any puncture requires the same efforts to heal. The brow body piercing is normally done according to the markings, upper and lower. It is a known fact that horizontal perforations are often difficult to treat, but an expert can perform this type of operation. As soon as you decide what type of eyebrow piercing you will have, tell the master about your choice. An experienced specialist with a clear understanding of brow anatomy will select the correct position to avoid rubbing against nerve endings.

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