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How are original jeans models distinguished?

Today our markets are overwhelmed by fake jeans models made in the factories of Indonesia, China and Korea. Sometimes they mimic the original custom denim well, and their price is correspondingly high. And you find out that you have bought a fake only after a couple of months during which you have been wearing your jeans! The fabric of the seams is worn and the knees of the jeans are destroyed with wrinkles. These days it can be really hard to find genuine quality denim. In addition, we always want to have it cheap and quality.

That is why from now on you will have to be a bit skeptical when you decide to buy a new pair of jeans. Most of the fake models mimic classic denim from established brands like Lee, Wrangler and Levi’s or trendy custom jeans from TomTailor or Getwear. The first quality feature is of course the price of custom made jeans. Original models that cost 20 dollars do not exist. Such denim will be destroyed very soon. The best way to check jeans is to fold them at the seams. If you see the pants legs wrinkled and deformed, please don’t buy them, they are definitely fake.

The next thing to explore is the denim pattern. Even the cheapest cotton fabric can look like quality denim with the help of Amylum. However, after the first wash, the amylum disappears and the jeans are ruined. That’s why always feel the denim structure with your hands. The look of fake jeans can closely resemble the look of the original Lee or Wrangler, but the weight of the fake is less than the 850 grams that quality denim should be. Then Turkish and Chinese denim jeans are sewn and very cheap. Even specialists can’t tell it from quality denim if they don’t get a chance to feel it, so be careful!

Another feature that distinguishes quality jeans is their herringbone pattern. The denim should also be regular inside and out, with no loose stitches or unevenness. Examine the denim your jeans were made from against the light. Then turn the jeans inside out and examine all the seams. There should also be no loose stitches or broken seams. All edges of the fabric must be closed and sewn carefully. The inside stitches of brand name jeans are always sewn with a yellow silk thread that does not change color when the jeans are earned or washed. All stitches must be done twice. The bottom of the jeans is sewn with a special double stitch, and the step-by-step stitch is made with a solid loop seam 10-12 centimeters long. Also notice the outer side seams. If you notice a red thread on the edge of the denim, then try the original.

On the outside, the trademark of most brand-name jeans is a seam on the back pockets – each brand of denim has its own distinctive feature. The pockets and details of the jeans are fixed with rivets. Asymmetrical pockets or seams are an indication of a fake. The inscriptions on the rivets must correspond to the label.

Genuine American jeans usually have a thick leather tag on the belt (Levi’s and Lee) or on the pocket (Wrangler). A small logo on the pocket should also be repeated in a fabric variant. Fake models have a label made of fabric or faux leather. The label on original custom jeans often has a messy structure but is carefully stitched on all sides. The quality denim cardboard tag has a glossy seal that cannot be rubbed off with a finger. Fake jeans have labels with dull stamps, since quality printing is also expensive.

Belt loops ensure a good fit of the jeans. Generally, men’s jeans have 7 belt loops and women’s jeans have 5. The inside label of quality American made-to-measure jeans must include all the information about the product: care, size, European 10-number code.

But the main distinguishing feature of the original denim is the furniture: zippers, rivets, buttons. Quality denim has YKK furniture and not others. A brand logo should be visible on the back pockets of the jeans.

However, the best way to avoid buying fake jeans is to buy denim from specialty brand stores.

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