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How to look perfect even in the rain

We always want to look good no matter the occasion, time or season. Each season has a fashion style dedicated to it; there is a fall line, a spring line, a winter collection and a summer collection. What we don’t have is an entire collection dedicated only to the times when the rains come to visit us. This leads to confusion about what to pair with what, how to make rainy day clothes fashionable, and how to look like sunshine in the rain.

Now, there are many ways to combine your fashion clothes and jewelry into a great outfit on a rainy day. Here are some tips to do it:

1. Trench

The best investment this season is a trench coat. These can be used whenever you want, not just in the rainy season; You can get them in neutral colors like black, beige, navy or go for bright colors like red, yellow if you like shine. They are not always expensive, it depends on the brand and quality you choose. You can also buy a cute raincoat if you want something to save your outfit from the rain and still look cute.

two. be dark

I know we have always said that gloss is the way to go in most seasons, but when it comes to the rainy season, we will recommend the opposite. When it rains there is a high chance that your clothes will get wet or stain worse so avoid colors like black, navy blue and dark gray they work very well as they will hide stains and won’t show up if they get wet . If you want to brighten up the outfit and not look all dark, you can buy jewelry online and combine it with them.

3. light it up

As I mentioned earlier, you can brighten up the outfit with lots of jewelry and fashion accessories. You can wear bright colored or patterned bags, maybe red or pink, or pair them with a silver or gold belt or bright colored rain boots, whatever you like and think will go well with the rest of the outfit.

Four. hood up

If you love hoodies like I do, you’ll find reasons to wear them and feel comfortable snuggling up in them. The rains are one more excuse, generally when it rains the weather tends to be a bit cold. In that case, wear a light and thin hoodie, it will keep you warm and protect your hair from the rain too. You can wear a coat on top if you want to make it a bit more sophisticated.

5. Start up

During the rains, one cannot wear the regular footwear that we wear in our daily routine. Most footwear is not waterproof and can get damaged this season, especially heels. So the best option is to buy rain boots. They are mostly made of rubber so they do not absorb water or get soggy. You can get bright colors or patterns if you want, and best of all, they don’t cost much either. They look cute and simple. You can buy jewelry online and combine them with your boots too. Now, if you don’t want to wear your rain boots all day, you can conveniently put the footwear you want to match your outfit in your bad and change after you reach your destination. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, choose a pair of universal flats or heels and keep them at your workplace so you don’t have to carry them around every day.

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