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How to Sell a Home by Owner Using Real Estate Investor Secrets – Part 2

In How to Sell a Home by Owner, Part 1, we pointed out all the important hand-painted pink fluorescent signs. They work! I have had up to 250 flyers removed from the flyer box in a single weekend. For me, that has been the magic bullet on how to sell a home by owner and get a quick house sale.

It takes considerable time to create the signs and stick them on every corner in your neighborhood, but trust me when I tell you that your problem will not be “not attracting enough spectators.”

In case you are like me, or want to be like me, in the sense that you don’t want to use a real estate agent to sell your property, as soon as buyers check out your home, then you definitely have something. different techniques to choose from.

Listed below are the ways in which savvy real estate investors repeatedly try to intelligently and creatively sell their homes without resorting to a real estate agent. In this downturn real estate market, it might be time to use some of the same secrets.

* First: Once you’ve had viewers walking through your house, now is the time to make the best deal you can, and then complete a Buy and Sell Agreement and open an escrow.

* The second method gets a little more creative. This is called the 9-day highest bidder sale. Your home will be sold in 9 days. You just don’t know exactly how much the price will be.

Have a minimum of two one-hour open houses on two weekends and one open house in the middle of the week. You accept bids for the house and on the last day at 5pm, you start the bidding process and then sell to the highest bidder (if you choose to accept your offer).

* The third technique is the Transferable Seller Financing Approach. This gets considerably deeper and very creative, but it’s just another tool you can use if you need to get creative to get a quick sale.

* The fourth technique is the use of a lease with an option to buy. This approach will get a person into the property quickly, relieving you of the burden of having to make home payments and giving the potential buyer a set period of time to purchase the home.

* And, the fifth technique, in case you are behind on your house payments, is to use a short sale.

That’s one way to sell a house (by owner) and get a quick house sale, without using a real estate agent (with the short sale, however, a real estate agent could be included in this approach). Of course, if you are looking to get the best possible price for your home, then your home must be in “Model Home” condition. Any less amount will attract a smaller sum for your home. If your home is repair-friendly, then price shouldn’t be the biggest issue, but selling quickly might be.

When you start to think like a real estate investor, you will discover how to sell a home by owner, and perhaps you have a high probability of a quick house sale and more profit for your efforts.

Learning how to get or sell a home in this real estate market suggests doing it as a real estate investor. You would only buy a home well below current market value. It only makes sense to figure out how to buy a home for a short sale. Regarding how to sell a house by owner, you must discover all the secrets of real estate investors.

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