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How to sell dog images online

Dogs are great animals. Everyone has to love dogs and photograph them. But did you realize that you can sell dog photos online and make money doing it? If you have a dog and you have a digital camera, why aren’t you making money taking pictures of your dog?

You may be wondering how you can sell dog images online and the answer is through micro stock photography websites. These are websites where they allow anyone to submit photos and earn money from them. Of course, your photo must be accepted and of good quality. But once you are on the website, anyone can download it and for every download you earn some money.

Many people on the Internet need pictures of dogs for their websites, advertisements, etc. You can submit a photo of a dog and have it end up on a website one day! Or it could even end up in magazine ads. People use these stock photos because they don’t have the time or skills to go out and take quality photos for whatever they are doing.

Image quality

You must have photos of sufficient quality. There is no need to go out and pay money for a photography school or get your photography bachelor’s degree, but if you know how to take better photos, your photos will be much more desired.

As with posing models, dogs must pose correctly. You need to make sure that your dog looks authentic and is relaxed. The lighting must also be of good quality. Unless you have a large studio, your best option is to record outdoors in bright sunlight. Don’t shoot at 12 p.m. M. Because the sun will be directly over your head and it will produce bad lighting. Try early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Taking just one photo of your dog can earn you quite a bit of money, but you will want to take more than one. Try taking photos of all your dogs and even neighboring dogs. Create a collection of dog photos of all your friends and family’s dogs. Ask them for the rights to the photos and, in return, you will give them copies of the photos you take. Making money selling dog images online is real and many people are already doing it by making a lot of money.

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