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Is Custom Solid Surface Cheaper Than Granite?

Custom Solid Surface Cheaper Than Granite

The question “Is custom solid surface cheaper than granite?” is a good one for anyone looking to make a high-end kitchen upgrade. The material has a number of advantages over granite, including its ease of cleaning. While a granite countertop will require periodic refinishing, a solid surface countertop will require little or no maintenance. The most significant advantage of a solid surface countertop over a granite countertop is its low cost.

While both materials are expensive, granite is far more expensive to install. In fact, the cost of installing a granite countertop can reach thousands of dollars. A custom solid surface countertops is easier to install than granite, and can be installed by a capable home improvement professional. In addition, a custom granite countertop is more difficult to maintain, so it may not be practical for a novice. A custom solid surface countertop can be easily scratched or damaged and will require a skilled professional to remove and replace.

While natural stone countertops continue to be the top choice among homeowners, the cost of a solid surface countertop will be more affordable than a granite countertop. For those with a budget, a solid surface countertop may be a more affordable alternative. But remember that solid surface requires regular sealing and installation, which can add to the cost of a custom granite countertop. You’ll also need more space for a solid surface countertop.

Is Custom Solid Surface Cheaper Than Granite?

Unlike granite, solid surface countertops are more difficult to install, so they will need a professional. On average, a custom solid surface countertop will cost about $60 per square foot. It can cost up to $120 per square foot if it requires intricate fabrication. A solid surface countertop that is sheet-formed is about $35. Because of the seams and epoxy glue, it is more expensive than a granite countertop.

Solid surface counters are more durable than granite. But they do need more maintenance. While granite is a natural stone, solid surface countertops do not require sealants. Both surfaces are made of natural materials, so they are non-toxic and last for a long time. And because they are not porous, they are also stain resistant. The benefits of both types of countertops are clear. The question is: Which one is better?

Although granite is a superior material, solid surfaces are not heat-resistant. A solid surface can burn if it comes into contact with hot pans. While it can be repaired and resurfaced, it is not a natural stone. This means that they can be damaged by chemicals. However, these countertops are more durable and last longer than granite. The only disadvantage of custom solid surface is that they are heavier than granite.

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