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Seven practical reasons to register your trademark

Your brand matters. After all, your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHY you do it. Remember: people are loyal to brands, not products.

Trademarks protect trademarks. They are the foundation of any successful brand. That is why it is important to register your trademark.

The best way to protect your brand is with a federal mark.

Here are seven practical reasons why you need to obtain a federal trademark for your brand.

  1. You will enjoy enhanced protection on social media
  2. You’ll enjoy enhanced protection on the web
  3. You will have access to brand registries such as the Amazon Brand Registry
  4. You can invest in your brand with confidence
  5. You will stand out from the crowd with the ®
  6. You will enjoy better results on social media
  7. You will enjoy some instant credibility

Bonus reason: It will make your marketing easier and less expensive

Reason #1 to Register Your Trademark: You’ll Enjoy Enhanced Protection on Social Media

Social networking services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have policies to protect brands from abuse, as long as you can establish ownership. A federal mark makes establishing ownership a mere formality.

Reason #2 to Register Your Trademark: You’ll Enjoy Enhanced Protection on the Web

A trademark is an exclusive right to use your name or logo. This means that you are the only one who can use it in your industry. When you secure a domain that includes your trademark, all of the legal presumptions and protections that come with federal trademarks apply to your web address.

Reason #3 to register your brand: You’ll have access to brand registries like Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is an important and powerful brand protection tool. When you sign up, Amazon will look for and stop trademark violations. However, Amazon Brand Registry is limited to federal trademarks.

Reason #4 to register your brand: you will be able to invest in your brand with confidence

Registering your brand name gives you the exclusive and national right to use it for your brand. This means you won’t run the risk of having to change brands. So you can confidently invest in your website, business cards, and marketing.

Reason #5 to Register Your Trademark: You’ll Stand Out in the Crowd with the ®

Only federally registered trademark owners are legally authorized to use the ® sign. This symbol is an attention getter, both in the offline world and online.

Reason #6 to register your trademark: You will enjoy better results on social media

Customers are searching, tagging and commenting on brands using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more than ever. A trademark translates to more memorable visibility, which translates to higher rankings leading to more traffic, more customers, and more brand recognition.

Reason #7 to Register Your Trademark: You’ll Enjoy Some Instant Credibility

Only federal trademark registration gives you the legal right to use the ® symbol, which tells the world that you take your business and your brand seriously. Plus, the ® has been shown to validate the trust your customers want to have in you. All businesses (young or old) can benefit from some instant credibility, right?

Bonus reason: It will make your marketing easier and less expensive

Science confirms that humans are hardwired to process information visually. Studies have shown that humans have evolved to receive 90% of all information visually. That’s “a picture is worth a 1000 words” and why trademarks matter. They are the best way to incorporate visual marketing in both the online and offline world.

Why wouldn’t he protect his good name and hard work?

Building a business that prides itself on providing quality products requires an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, and courage. Effective branding of those products also requires valuable time and creativity. Doesn’t it seem right to protect that effort and investment? After all, think of the sales you could lose if another business opened under the same name.

Also, rebranding will be expensive

At some point, you may face a challenge from a competitor about your brand. If you don’t take the necessary steps to clear and register your trademarks, you could find yourself in a battle you don’t want to fight. Rebranding is a nightmare that can be avoided by thinking ahead and acting sooner rather than later.

In the end, it all comes down to this:

If you are serious about your business and your brand, then you need to protect them. A federal trademark registration is the best way to go.

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