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Super Mario 3D World review

Diverse, creative and fun

The game initially looks like a normal Mario game. You walk from level to level through a world map, and after beating the final boss in the castle, a new world opens up again. As for your work worlds, first switch off the usual: you start in a grassy landscape and continue the crazy adventure in the desert, then you slide straight back to the ice world. Fortunately, Super Mario 3D World contains some decent original worlds, of which the final Bowser Land is our favorite, but even the calibrated grassy landscape will amaze the experienced Mario player with a selection of original levels.

The many playable levels are indeed very diverse, often highly creative, and almost always fun to play. Exactly as we know it from the Galaxy range. One moment you find yourself caught in a game of glowing shadows full of optical illusions, a moment later, you will work in a continuous sprint with a trail of scattered coins. The levels are all varied and really have a unique identity. Of course there are some less exciting levels in the game, for example something brave rides on the back of a Plessie dragon, but the vast majority of the climbing and fighting courses are high class.

Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach …

The multiplayer Super Mario 3D World contains the three usual characters: Mario, Luigi and Toad, a fourth hero. Or rather, heroin. None other than Princess Peach is entering one of the playable characters. This time she’s not even the princess in distress, but instead joins them with Mario, Luigi, and Toad in battle to unleash Bowser’s hell.

That’s partly due to many items and power-ups that can be found in your tiers – a ravenous, portable piranha plant to the cherry item to double your character straight away. The Cat ignition is one of the more prominent additions and brings with it some new features. A feline Mario can reach new levels of location by climbing walls or stinging. By purple rocks around with its claws Naturally, the most perfect enemies cannot compete with the sharp claws of a cat.

Power-ups and items are not only very handy for completing a level, but are sometimes essential for collecting all the items collected. In most levels there are three green stars to collect, some of which are often very well hidden. To find a star you must bite, for example, an electrical barrier with a piranha plant or blow up a well-disguised double wall with a pistol headdress. Continuous vigilance, because green stars can be found everywhere. And the true collector, who wants them all obviously transported.

Competitive character over cooperative mercy

Collecting stars offers an added dimension when you play with more than one person. Stars are awarded thanks to a large number of points and that is exactly what competitive and cooperative multiplayer is all about. Expect an intense battle of stars and other valuable collectibles if you play Super Mario 3D World with one or more players. Although they may choose to cleanse each other to work together and reward some opportunities, practice shows that competitive nature often prevails over cooperative mercy.

Super Mario 3D World is an extremely accessible game. For example, some levels are only difficult when you are trying to collect. All collectibles.Of course, the game also features many racy levels, which even the most experienced players have an uphill start. For less talented players, a successful opportunity to offer makes the white Tanooki enhance their re-entry. After a few unfortunate attempts, this buoy will appear on the level and turn Mario into an almost immortal powerhouse. Of course, collecting this item is completely optional.

How do you play multiplayer? In most cases, fun is guaranteed. With an emphasis on “in most cases”. Some levels in Super Mario 3D World are less suitable due to hectic multiplayer violence and soon degenerate into a nasty mess. That’s partly because the camera is typically the fastest and most brutal the player follows, allowing slower players and collectors to be careful not to pass by regularly. An annoying stain on him so far as clean crest from Super Mario 3D World.

If you are one of the slow players or collectors, be careful in the frenetic exterior of the ship: do not worry. Even looking at and listening to or touching bacon and beans has been a pleasant experience. Super Mario 3D World is a beautifully designed game and harnessed the exceptional power of the Wii U. Additionally, the colorful and uplifting images are often enlivened with a brilliant selection of tunes and melodies. But regardless of the wealth of listening and watching pleasure, it’s mostly unbridled fun that this new Mario adventure gets top marks for.

Super Mario 3D World is full of dynamic, creative and diverse levels that we just made in the Galaxy games and you know how to implement it in the style of Super Mario 3D Land. Hassle-free The result is a fantastic platformer that is not only delicious, but also a feast for the eyes and ears. The multiplayer is predominantly called already managed some sessions that sometimes culminate in a lovely little mayhem.

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