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The LG Cookie aka LG KP501 KP500 – Unbeatable Touch Screen Phone Value

LG’s new release, the LG Cookie, is a touch screen phone that keeps up with the latest touch phone trend in the mobile phone market.


The LG Cookie, also known as the LG KP500 and KP501, has an ergonomic design. The phone is very light. However, the plastic case does not look too attractive. Its color finish is not up to par. The LG Cookie has a huge 3-inch wide touch screen. This has allowed the incorporation of large finger-friendly icons. The screen is not glare proof and is very difficult to read in bright sunlight. The screen protector does a good job of offering protection to the screen. The earpiece that doubles as the phone’s speakerphone located above the touch screen is loud and clear.

The location of the volume control in the center of the left side of the phone is not very convenient. The camera lens is housed on the back of the phone and has no scratch protection. The stylus compartment is located at the bottom of the phone. LG Cookie’s accelerometer is not very effective.


The LG Cookie has a great touch interface. The interface is a flash user interface, the first of its kind from LG. However, the touch responsiveness is not adequate and delays may occur while scrolling. The phone has a great dual home screen. One screen has widgets that can be automatically arranged by shaking the phone. The other screen has nine favorite contacts. The menu layout is convenient.


The LG Cookie has a phone book that can store 1000 entries. It has photo calling function. The call log can store records of 40 dialed calls, 40 missed calls and 40 received calls. The phone supports SMS, MMS, EMS and email. It supports voice memo feature and also has an organizer. The LG Cookie has a document viewer. It allows you to view documents in popular formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF.

Cookie’s input options include the virtual QWERTY keyboard and 3 modes of handwriting recognition which are quite slow. The QWERTY keyboard keys are small. However, the standard touch keyboard is very sensitive to touch. It has T9 or predictive text technology to make input easier and faster.


The LG Cookie has a 3.2 megapixel camera of average quality. It produces clear images only in daylight and well-lit places, since it does not have a flash.

LG Cookie is enabled with MP3/WMA/AAC audio player and FM radio with RDS.

The phone has a MPEG4/3gp video player. You can record video at 12 fps.

LG Cookie games are fun and can fill hours of entertainment.

The web browser is average. It has a zoom in and out function. Web pages can be comfortably viewed in landscape mode. EDGE technology is implemented to speed up Internet connectivity.

The LG Cookie is a hallmark touch screen phone with powerful features. It is affordably priced so that it is within the reach of the masses.

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