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Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding: 5 Tips for Installing Siding

As a siding installer, I have been asked these 5 questions many times and today I want to address them. When installing vinyl siding in a residential home, there are a few things we can do to save time and money. Now I’ll walk you through the 5 tips for installing vinyl siding.

1) When ordering your material, always add 5% to the bill of materials. There is nothing more frustrating than to be working on a Sunday and you run out of channel J and you can not finish the job. By adding an extra 5% to your bill of materials, you can eliminate the headaches of running out of supplies. Any leftover material that is not cut or damaged can be returned to the supplier company for your money back at the end of the job.

2) Use crown molding for soffit and siding. Crown molding or as we call it RCM is a dual purpose system, it allows you to install the soffit and lock the top piece of siding onto it. By using crown molding for your vinyl siding installation, you will eliminate the purchase of the following: F-channel, J-channel, and utility moldings. Rcm comes in the same colors as the trim and panel. If you were to buy the 3 pieces of trim that you have invested over $ 15.00 compared to RCM which costs around $ 8.99 per bar, this system will only work on flat surfaces. He will not do well on the frontons.

3) Use a J-channel for your inside corners and save a few bucks. Now if you are on a good budget and dollars are tight, you can use 2 pieces of J-channel for the inside corner post, instead of buying a true vinyl siding inside corner. This can save you up to $ 10 per inside corner of your home.

4) Make your own starter strip from the siding you buy for your house. Yes, you can make your own starter by using the top section of your liner and flipping it down. This creates the same locking system as the starter motor. When doing this, be sure to use snap fasteners to create your nail holes. This will allow the starter motor to expand so that it does not bend later.

5) Have your metal backboard bend to size, this will take a little longer but can save you hundreds of dollars. You will need a metal brake and adjusting coil rolls. By folding the dashboard yourself, you can save nearly $ 2.25 for every 12 feet installed.

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