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Working from home: advantages of real money

One of the biggest and most rewarding endeavors you can take is working from home. Not only can you set your own schedule, but you are blessed to spend time with your loved ones and / or your loved activities. I can’t tell you how to put a dollar amount on it. But it probably goes like this: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

We talk about time. Time is the most important factor when comparing working from home to regular 9 to 5 work. If you hate the daily grind of working a normal job and have never worked from home, you are missing out on one of life’s treasures. . It is so limitless that only you know what you would do with it. I personally enjoy 3 mile hikes with my wife and dog Rixy (the fastest Whippet). Oh, to be perfectly honest, I love playing golf with my friend at his country club. Best time to go from 11am to 6pm. M. At 3 p. M., If you add the travel times, it really takes ALL day. But you, the time does not matter because I make my own schedule.

However, time is a non-monetary advantage. Let’s look at some of the advantages of real money to determine if working from home is for you. Always weigh your options before making the decision to quit your job. We will see some of the actions necessary to work from home in my next article.

Some advantages of real money: per year

1. NO MORE TRAVEL! SAVE YOUR GAS MONEY – Depending on the vehicle, you will probably save between $$ – $$$ per month. $$ – $$$$

2. SAVE the wear and tear on your vehicle. Many people don’t take this factor seriously, but it is serious and expensive if you don’t take it into account. Most cars cost at least .25 cents per mile (between 0.50 cents and $ 1 per Mercedes AMG mile). These can arise in repairs or depreciation (ie: $ 25,000 price of a new car in 2002 minus the present value in 2005 $ 17,000 = $ 8,000 of depreciation). If you add the repairs and maintenance during those years for a vehicle in good working order (the average of $ 1000 per year includes, brake pads, regular oil changes, unexpected expenses, etc.). That is a loss of $ 11,000 over three years. $$$ – $$$$$

3. Have you ever received a TRAFFIC ticket due to your commute to and from work? $$ – $$$

4. Does your current employer penalize you for being late? $$ – $$$

5. Automobile accidents. Not all of us get into one. But those that do lose money on deductibles and higher rates. $$$ – $$$$

6. Insurance companies generally charge more money for longer trips. $ – $$$

7. Cost of inflation. Historically between 4-10%. This means everything costs you more, but jobs rarely keep up. You see this every time you go to the grocery store, or buy your next car, or car wash, etc. Suddenly it feels like you have less money. Trust your instincts or listen to an economist, you do have less money for shops, services, etc. raising their prices simple translation: inflation. If you own property, this will help, but be careful. If you don’t own a property, inflation could be really bad. $ – $$$$$

8. No money is needed for lunch. $$$ – $$$$

9. You don’t need to have a new wardrobe or keep it clean. $$ – $$$$

Some non-monetary benefits: (just a few)

1. No more boss! You make your own decisions, rules, and disciplinary actions. Nobody else. This is really great if your current boss has those notorious repressive antisocial characteristics and everything seems to be aimed at you.

2. More time to work on your own purchasing power. Most of the employees are helping their employer earn money. But at the end of the week, do you have time to submit a resume or go to an interview for better opportunities? Or read about other systems to earn money? You will see how difficult it is to concentrate, read and experiment, etc. There are more complicated ones. Who has time for that?

3. No daily routine. You may like the routine, but it’s a real relief when you don’t HAVE to. You will do your own routine working from home. According to your likes, dislikes and strengths.

4. It’s time to exercise. Time for 3 mile hikes. TIME to study money-making systems. It is time to network. Time for higher education.

5. Efficiency. You won’t waste time cleaning up other people’s messes at work. This really hurts you. It lowers your self-esteem knowing that during your normal work day you spend time solving the problems that other people create. This doesn’t even help you and rarely does anyone recognize it. It can be ethical to help the company. But when your own work suffers. When you have to stay longer than scheduled. You intrude on your own personal integrity with your family and yourself. When you work from home, it really becomes more efficient. Look for my next article Work from Home: Necessary Actions to learn more.

6. Independent thinking. When you are an employee, you are affected by a herd mentality. You may not be aware of how other people you meet every day are providing you with incorrect information. This is then filed in your brain and begins to operate on it.

The list can go on and on. Number 6 is really my favorite. I am in my eighth year working from home. As I get good information, a good education, and apply sound principles, I see great results.

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