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Your marriage is over, can you relive it?

Your marriage is over, just thinking about him can be traumatic. So if you are going through a broken relationship, that you still believe you have no reason to fall apart, your situation is understandable. You still love your spouse and would do anything to revive the relationship. What you are wondering is whether it is possible to restore lost love, once you know that your marriage is over.

The good news is that a marriage, even when it turns sour, can be revived, as long as you both want to fix it and start over. Although this idea may be discouraging at first, as you fear that your spouse is not as willing as you are, there is nothing wrong with doing your best for love. Here are some critical steps you need to take to revive a lost relationship, when you know your marriage is over:

o Humility is a virtue that can pay big dividends at this juncture in your life. There is nothing lost if you unashamedly admit your shortcomings and shortcomings to your spouse when your marriage is over. If not for nothing, your spouse knows instantly that you are willing to go the extra mile to repair and start over.

o It is very likely that you have repeatedly complained to your spouse about their attitudes and behaviors that have troubled you in the past. Now that your marriage is over and you are trying to get it back, specifically mention that you are willing to accept your spouse for who he is. This can be very reassuring for a person who may be suffering from low self-esteem right now.

o One of the most important things in ending your marriage is doing everything you can to reopen and revitalize blocked or non-existent channels of communication. Frank and open dialogue can go a long way toward calming worn-out spirits and soothing a wounded mind. It can help you resolve various conflicts if you can communicate your feelings to your spouse without blaming or accusing your partner.

o When your marriage ends and you want to relive it, never look for a “reason” to do so. No cause is great or small to revive love in a relationship. You cannot maintain a marriage simply for the sake of the children, finances, or any other problem. You have to go on, because you both feel that you can still love each other despite all the differences.

Finally, there is no sure way to revive a marriage. It totally depends on the intensity of the mutual desire to go on and on with the relationship. But the steps mentioned above can give you a good start in your endeavors.

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