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Beyond Other Telecom MLM Companies: VoiParty Review

Wherever I go, I see similar billboards. Every TV channel I switch to, I see similar ads. In every mall I go to, I see similar stores and kiosks. Can you guess?

They are technology and telecommunications services, be it AT&T, Verizon, Apple, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, etc. We are social beings and we want to be connected with our family and friends through different means. And these companies provide the tools and services for that purpose.

Why are there so many of them? It is because telecommunications is one of the main industries that continues to grow despite the economy. It’s a $4 billion industry and the cake is huge.

Retailers and MLM representatives compete for customer acquisition. You’ll see better mobile plans, cheaper cell phones, unlimited long distance, video communication, and other features that are added to entice you to switch to a particular carrier.

Someone asked me, if I knew 20 years ago that the mobile industry was going to explode today, would I get involved in it? I said, there’s no doubt about it. Today, those who got involved in this industry from the beginning are among the wealthiest investors.

You may have missed that opportunity. But now there is another opportunity. It is not another startup operator. You have the opportunity to participate in a new generation of telecom companies that actually work and make profits behind the scenes, instead of competing with all those retailers.

Welcome to VoiParty!

An Inter Exchange Communications (IXC) company that is building its peer-to-peer digital network. This is a company that will connect calls between retail telecom carriers and earn connection fees. Because Voiparty uses its network of individual members who connect their Voiparty connection devices at home, the company is able to offer the lowest connection rates and is automatically chosen by carriers to connect their calls. Voiparty then distributes the profits made from those millions of dollars in fees to individual device owners.

If you have been involved in any network marketing or MLM business, chances are you have ongoing monthly costs like product autoship, distributor website, subscription fees and the like. I’m sure you agree that those costs can quickly eat up your first few commission checks.

Not with Voiparty!

What can you do to enjoy truly passive residual income for years to come?

  1. Become a member by purchasing your own device and connecting it to your existing phone line and Internet connection.
  2. Tell your friends how to earn a lifetime income by getting your own box.
  3. Receive your percentage of calling connection fees every month, not only from every call that is routed through your device, but also from devices owned by your friends and their friends (and their friends).

Finally, there is a real business that will allow you to earn real income that continues as long as people keep talking on the phone. Will he miss this opportunity again? I hope not.


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