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Different types of wood used for wooden hangers

Organization is important. Even when you are at home, you still need to organize because if you don’t, your house will be a mess. Obviously, you cannot have visitors when your home appears to have been through a storm. There are various aspects of organization. One of which is fixing your clothes. A well-organized cabinet can save time searching for that blouse or skirt. Most of your clothes are probably folded and stacked. However, some items need to be hung rather than folded. The best way to do this is by using hangers. If you are the type of person who prefers simplicity and elegance at the same time, then wooden hangers are sure to please you.

Wooden hangers are made of different types of wood. Each wood has its own characteristics. It also has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are not familiar with these woods, here is a brief overview of the most commonly used woods in wooden hangers.

  1. Pine – This is the most affordable wood used in wooden hangers, making it accessible and popular. Pine is strong, but the wood tends to be soft and can dent with light pressure. After a long time, you may start to notice dents and scratches on the hangers. Some people prefer pine wood hangers because they are lightweight and of course cheap.

  2. Walnut – Unlike pine, it tends to be harder and stronger. Walnut hangers can last for years and still look new. Apart from that, this hanger can add class and sophistication to your wardrobe due to its deep red or dark brown color.

  3. Bamboo – This is the most environmentally friendly type of wood for hangers. A good number of people like this type of hanger because they are light and resistant. The small wood grain on the surface also makes it attractive.

  4. Cedar: This wood has an attractive red grain on the surface and does not require painting or varnish. On top of that, it also absorbs odor and moisture, keeping your closet smelling nice and fresh. This is also the most popular type of wood used in wooden hangers.

These hangers are more than just hangers, they make your appearance beautiful and organized.

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