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Possible problems with removable kitchen trash cans

Over the years, many customers have had our company install removable trash cans in their kitchen cabinets. I realized the problems with having one of these drop-down units when I included one in my own closet design. Although there are some advantages, I think there are more disadvantages than advantages to having these sliding units installed in kitchen cabinets.

Slide mechanism bends

One of the biggest issues we had with the bears is that the kids (tweens and teens) would crush the trash in the can and the force caused the slide mechanism to deform. Although I would politely ask them not to inevitably do this, they would force the contents down because they were too lazy to pull out the full bag and replace it with a new one. I had even installed the heavy duty drop down trash can and we were still having trouble with the slides bending. Well, when you have six to ten kids on the weekends, something doubles. The main thing is that parents are not deformed.

Odors linger in cabinets

It’s a pretty nasty smell when the trash hasn’t been taken out for a few days or maybe spoiled meat, like chicken, was forgotten and left in the removable trash cans in the cabinets. Over time, although the cabinet interior is thoroughly cleaned with bleach, Lysol, Formula 409, or Pine Sol, there is still an unpleasant aroma that begins to form as the cabinets age and the kitchen undergoes regular use.

Although the removable trash can is a nice addition or extra to have in your kitchen cabinet design, I would consider looking for a different place to put the trash can if that is a viable option. Even if you don’t have teens breaking the unit’s slides, the odors that build up inside the cabinets linger even after a thorough cleaning is done. Among the problems, another is that sometimes the can does not extend far enough into the drawer and every time you remove the can it tends to hit the front of the drawer.

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