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What Devices Support eSIM in 2023?

eSIM in 2023

eSIM or embedded SIM is a new technology that replaces the traditional physical SIM card in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. It offers many benefits including increased security, flexibility and convenience. This blog will cover the top phones that support eSIM in 2023.

Unlike the physical SIM cards that slot into phones, esim support devices are embedded into the hardware of a device (hence the name). They can be accessed remotely and can connect to multiple cellular networks simultaneously. Currently, eSIMs are being used in mobile devices like phones, smartwatches and tablet computers. However, the technology is expected to extend to other devices in the future.

The GSMA predicts that 35% of smartphone network connections will be made via eSIM enabled phones by 2025. That’s why it is important to understand which devices have eSIM compatibility.

What Devices Support eSIM in 2023?

When eSIM first entered the consumer market, it was only offered on flagship lines from major brands such as Apple and Samsung. Since then, more manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon, increasing the availability of eSIM-compatible devices.

Some devices are only compatible with one eSIM, while others can support up to 3 eSIMs. To find out whether a device supports eSIM, you can check its specifications or look at the IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This can be found in your phone’s settings or by dialing *#06# on most smartphones. Alternatively, you can also contact your service provider and ask them to verify your IMEI number and eSIM compatibility.

Most modern smartphones, particularly flagship models from big manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, support eSIM. In addition, the latest iPhones XS, XS Max and XR come with an eSIM out of the box. Other popular Android devices also have eSIM capabilities, such as the Galaxy S21 series purchased in South Korea, and the Google Pixel 2 and 3 bought in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and China.

In 2023, more and more manufacturers will introduce eSIM-compatible devices. Fortunately, this means that there will be more options for consumers looking to purchase a new smartphone with eSIM compatibility. This will be especially helpful for people who are switching carriers, as they won’t have to worry about ripping out the physical SIM card and setting up a new one.

To help you determine which device will work best for you, we’ve created a list of the top phones that support eSIM. To make the process of finding a new phone easier, we’ve broken down the different types of eSIM compatible devices by manufacturer. You can also search for your device using the Ctrl+F function on your browser or use our eSIM compatibility checker tool to make things even faster!

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