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What should I look out for when renting a student flat in Edinburgh?

when renting a student flat in Edinburgh

Student accommodation in Edinburgh is widely available and located throughout the city, within walking distance of university campuses. The city centre is a hub of life, bursting with vibrant restaurants, cafes and pubs – with plenty to suit all budgets. The quaint West End village is home to trending boutiques and trendy bars, while the historic Old Town offers a cultural feast of award-winning restaurants, cosy pubs and local independent street food vendors.

Depending on your budget, you can rent private edinburgh college accommodation, purpose built student flats, shared houses and studio flats in a variety of locations. Most student apartments will come fully furnished and offer ensuite rooms, common areas and a kitchen/dining area. Some will include all bills (to reasonable consumption) and others will ask for a monthly payment which includes the price of the room/flat plus electricity, gas and broadband.

Students can apply for accommodation once they have accepted an offer from their university. This is normally from November for the following academic year and accommodation sells out quickly. It is also recommended to book early as prices may rise in response to high demand.

What should I look out for when renting a student flat in Edinburgh?

When you’re looking for your perfect student flat, it’s often best to buddy up with your friends and start searching together – it can be easier, quicker and more fun. If you’re looking for a flat with roommates, be sure to have everyone in the group attend viewings so you can make an informed decision about whether the property is right for you. It’s also useful to have a clear idea of your budget before you begin the search as this will help you narrow down your options.

Student accommodation can foster an entrepreneurial spirit by providing support for student-led ventures. Accommodation providers can offer co-working spaces, incubator programs, or mentorship opportunities to students interested in starting their own businesses. By nurturing student entrepreneurship, accommodation providers contribute to the development of innovative ideas and empower students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Another popular choice for renting student accommodation in Edinburgh is private flats or apartments. These offer more independence and privacy compared to student halls. Private flats can be found throughout the city, and students have the option to rent an entire flat or share with other students to reduce costs. Shared flats are a great way to meet new people and share expenses. However, it is important to carefully consider the compatibility and preferences of potential flatmates before committing to a shared living arrangement.

In addition to student halls and private flats, some students also opt for shared houses or apartments. These are larger properties shared by a group of students, providing a more communal living experience. Shared houses often come with a shared kitchen, living room, and other common areas. Renting a shared house can be a more affordable option for students, but it requires careful consideration of the dynamics within the group and a clear understanding of responsibilities and shared expenses.

You can find student apartments edinburgh by searching online, through specialist student lettings companies or directly with landlords. Some landlords will be a private individual, sometimes they live in the property themselves and other times they have an agency who manages it on their behalf. Most private landlords will be easy to deal with, however, if you have any issues or problems it is always worth seeking legal advice before taking action.

It’s also worth remembering that a student tenancy only lasts for 12 months. Once your tenancy ends, you’ll be able to choose whether to stay on in the same flat or move to another. If you’re moving, it’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your deposit back before signing any documents. This will give you peace of mind that you’ll get your deposit back in the event of any damage to your flat. This is especially important if you’re renting through an agency who charges a fee for the service. Be sure to ask your letting agent how they will handle this. If you’re not happy with their response, it might be worth considering switching agencies.


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