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Wrist sprain treatment with essential oils has more benefits

Having a wrist sprain is not only painful but can also become a real inconvenience. We are so dependent on the use of our hands for our normal lives that an injury makes simple everyday tasks a real chore.

With all the side effects of pharmaceuticals, alternative remedies that relieve pain along with an increase in immune function are a plus.

It is natural, when falling, to reach out to catch yourself, and in doing so, the wrist may be forced beyond the natural stretch limit of a tendon or ligament. Forced twisting or twisting of the ligament can cause a wrist injury resulting in mild to severe pain, swelling, bruising, and possible loss of function. You may experience a tear in your wrist or perhaps a pop as you try to move it. These wrist sprain symptoms can start with a simple slip on the stairs, on an icy sidewalk, or while playing a game of sports.

Although falls are the number one cause of a wrist sprain, it is possible to sprain from applying intense pressure or twisting the wrist in an abnormal position. There are three degrees of severity when diagnosing the symptoms of a wrist sprain.

  • Grade #1: Mild to moderate pain along with minor ligament damage.
  • Grade #2: Moderate to sharp pain with a feeling of looseness in the joint, some loss of function, and more severe ligament damage. The sprain should be checked by a doctor to make sure it will heal without long-term problems, such as wrist tendinitis.
  • Grade #3: Acute pain, total ligament tear with severe loss of function. This type of sprain must be seen by a doctor and will require surgical repair.

Finding a convenient wrist sprain treatment and learning the healing time really helps get your life back on track. The use of essential oils is a natural remedy for beneficial relief. They’re easy to use, don’t take up a lot of space to carry around, and provide many more benefits to the recipient than just relieving an injured wrist.

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs you might use to treat a wrist injury will suppress or compromise your immune system, adding to your health risk. But with real essential oils, they add to your health by sending the healing properties of the herbal plant they come from directly into your body. Any single essential oil has various healing qualities. For example, geranium essential oils (rose geranium or bourbon geranium) have pain-relieving and healing properties and increase the function of your liver.

Essential oils follow the nerves, sending healing qualities to the area in need of repair. This makes them ideal for use in the relief of:

  • sprains
  • Muscle tension
  • bulking disk
  • Ganglion cyst on the wrist
  • wrist tendinitis
  • golfer’s elbow
  • Ankle sprain
  • back spasms

And… many diseases related to pain. In fact, it is most likely that there is no injury or illness that would not benefit from the use of essential oils as a complement to the already established treatment.

Because essential oils are transported through the body via the nervous system, they are highly beneficial in relieving other nerve disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which often feels like a sprained wrist.

Well, this is the action plan when you have sprained wrist symptoms:

  1. Immobilize the wrist. Wear a cast or splint to keep the joint from moving.
  2. Rest your wrist. If you can, rest your wrist for at least 2 days (48 hours).
  3. Place ice packs on the wrist for twenty minutes every 4 hours over the 2-day period or until the pain has subsided somewhat. This helps minimize swelling and bruising.
  4. Gently massage in pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oils such as Helichrysum Italicum, Elemi, Helichrysum Gemnosephalum, and Geranium. Many other essential oils have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties, but these oils seem to provide more instant relief when mixed together.
  5. Keep your wrist elevated above your heart. Place it on a pillow or on the back of the sofa/chair as often as possible. This will help keep it from swelling as much.
  6. You may want to take anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as ibuprofen. However, taking this can thin your blood and cause more bruising on your sprained wrist.
  7. After the pain has subsided somewhat, practice strengthening exercises, carefully stretching the wrist to begin with, as recommended by your doctor. Do not rush this healing time. Using the wrist too soon after an injury could cause permanent damage to the joint.

Some sprains take up to 10 weeks to recover. And some people experience wrist tendonitis after a wrist injury. Everyone is different. Continue to use essential oil wrist sprain treatment which will help relieve any inflammation that might still be in the joint.

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