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How to Use Garland Decoration to Add Festive Cheer to Your Home

Garland Decoration to Add Festive Cheer to Your Home

Garland decoration is one of the easiest ways to bring festive cheer into your home. And with a little creativity, you can dress it up even more to make the most of your holiday decorating. Garlands come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide array of textures, colors, scents, and styles. Winter greenery is a classic choice, but you can also use ribbon and fabric, metal or wooden hardware, beads, and even candy. If you’re using garland to frame a doorway, we recommend choosing a longer version and extending it up the banister to create a more festive welcome to guests.

A simple garland can be a fun kids’ craft that will help them build fine motor skills. Try this easy, DIY Christmas garland idea from Polkadot Chair. Using paper, they can recreate old-fashioned Christmas lights and create their own mini versions that will look just like the real thing. Just be sure to keep the paper as flat as possible and use PVA glue to avoid any bleed-through or sticky mess.

If you’re decorating your living room for Christmas, this fun garland decoration will add a touch of magic to your home. It’s super easy to make too and will work as a great activity to do with the children or grandchildren. All you need are a few supplies and some creative inspiration. You can cut the shapes for this DIY snowflake garland from cardboard or felt and then glue them on to string together, just be careful not to let the young ones go too crazy with the glitter – it can get a bit messy!

How to Use Garland Decoration to Add Festive Cheer to Your Home

In ancient times, garland was often a symbol of honor or joy. For example, a crown of oak, ivy, parsley, or myrtle was worn to celebrate a marriage or a festival. It could even be woven with holly, which represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore at his crucifixion and the red berries, which remind us of Christ’s blood spilled for us all.

Garlands made of flowers are popular in Hindu festivals and for adorning temples. The petals are usually dried to preserve them and used to decorate the body as well as the pillars and shrines of deities. Some of the most common flower garlands include tulasi for Krishna and Vishnu, bilva (bael) for Shiva, and arugampul (Bermuda grass) for Mariamman.

Another way to make your own garland is to string together orange slices. This is a great option if you have plenty of citrus in your garden, or you can buy it from the grocery store. Then, you can hang it in your kitchen or dining room as a festive and colorful piece of decor. It looks beautiful on a table or mantel and also makes for a great addition to gifts. Just be sure to dry any extra orange slices so you can use them on other presents later. This DIY is also a great activity to do with the children as it’s a festive and fun way to spend some quality time together!

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