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are there any discounts available for Loughborough student accommodation

discounts available for Loughborough student accommodation

Loughborough is a popular student town in the East Midlands and boasts all the facilities of a large city, yet it remains a small market town. Students love the sociable atmosphere of the town and its excellent transport links to Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. This makes it easy for them to enjoy the best of both worlds and get the most out of their time at university here. The local shops are filled with high street favourites and independent boutiques and the thriving food and drink scene is sure to please. It also has a number of parks and open spaces for students to relax in.

Loughborough student accommodation can be found within a short walk of the main campus and are located in the heart of the town centre. A thriving nightlife and energetic student scene are the hallmarks of this town, with plenty of bars and dedicated clubs set up around the town. Wards End Road, Granby Street and the main campus are all packed with takeaway eateries, pubs and cafes that cater to students. A wide range of retail stores are also available in the town, from the large Carillion Shopping Centre to smaller independent stores on Swan Street and Derby Square.

Accommodation providers can engage with parents and guardians by providing regular updates, organizing parent orientation sessions, or offering virtual tours of the accommodation facilities. This engagement helps parents and guardians feel confident in their child’s living arrangements and allows them to actively participate in their child’s university experience. Open communication channels with parents and guardians foster trust and collaboration in supporting students’ well-being and success.

Many student flats in Loughborough are available on a fixed term contract. This is the most common arrangement for purpose built student accommodation. 43 and 51 week contracts are common and usually start at the beginning of July or September. Increasingly, some student landlords are offering shorter student rental contracts, especially for shared houses. These can be as little as a few weeks or a whole year, and are a great way to experience student life in Loughborough without being committed for the full length of your studies.

are there any discounts available for Loughborough student accommodation

Each year, students from across the country and the globe travel to Loughborough to study at one of the city’s two universities: Loughborough University and Loughborough College. Both of these are highly regarded for the academic excellence of their programmes and research.

The Loughborough student accommodation is incredibly diverse and the city has a lively student culture, facilitated by its renowned university and a great Student Union. The town centre is packed with cosy pubs, cheap drinks and quirky bars to suit all tastes. There are plenty of high-class banquet restaurants, too, if you fancy something a little more luxurious than your standard student grub.

Every year, a large number of students come to the University Student Advice and Support service or the Accommodation Centre asking for help in getting out of their student housing contracts. This is often due to rushing / jumping into a contract too quickly (sometimes even during fresher’s week), or feeling pressured / bullied by an agent into signing their rental agreement. The good news is that it is always possible to negotiate your rent, and the longer you wait to sign, the more chance you have of securing a bargain!


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