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Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Renting Student Accommodation

The city of Nottingham has a thriving student population that makes up a significant proportion of the local population during term time. With two top-ranked universities and a dynamic culture, it’s no wonder students flock here for its world-class education, rich history and funky nightlife. It is also home to a wide range of modern Nottingham student accommodation buildings, so you can enjoy the best of everything this exciting university city has to offer.

Whether you’re shopping for the latest trends or looking to snap up some second-hand treasures, there’s no shortage of great places to shop in Nottingham. From high street favourites in the Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh to markets, arcades and independent shops, you’ll find it all here. And don’t forget that Nottingham is the UK’s best destination for charity shops, with almost 500 of them dotted around the city.

If you’re a music fan, you’ll love the fact that this is one of the best cities for music in the UK. You’ll find lots of great clubs, including famous venues like Rock City and Stealth, and there are plenty of pubs and bars as well. So you’ll always find a place to party in Nottingham, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

You’ll find a wide range of Nottingham student accommodation, from large shared flats to sleek en suite studios. There’s something for everyone, so it’s worth browsing the options available and visiting open days if possible to get a feel for what’s on offer. You might want to choose a property close to your university or opt for somewhere within walking distance. It’s also a good idea to check what bills are included and how much you’ll need to pay for things such as electricity, internet and gas. You’ll also need to know if the landlord is registered with Unipol, as properties occupied by students (under an assured shorthold tenancy) are usually exempt from council tax.

Accommodation providers have an important role to play in promoting cultural sensitivity and combating racism within student accommodation. This involves creating an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, providing educational resources on cultural competence, and implementing policies that foster respect and zero tolerance for discrimination. By actively addressing issues of racism and promoting cultural sensitivity, accommodation providers contribute to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students.

If you decide to rent your student accommodation privately, you’ll need a guarantor who is willing to act as surety in the event that you fail to pay your rent. You should also check if the property you’re interested in is licensed and meets the Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) regulations. You can do this by checking with your local authority or asking a landlord to provide a licence certificate.

And if you’re worried about the quality of your student accommodation, you can ask Unipol to inspect the property for you. They’ll provide a report on the condition of the property and recommend any action that needs to be taken. If you’re unable to resolve the issue with your landlord, you can take legal action. However, this will be a lengthy process and will cost you money.

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