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Bob Serling’s Million Dollar License Review

So what’s the fuss about Bob Serlings’ Million Dollar Licensing course?

Over the past 2 years hundreds of students including myself have seen some amazing results from Bob Serling’s Million Dollar Licensing Course. In this article, I’m going to give an honest review and special tips for success with Bob’s course.

Bob’s course is all about using proven marketing campaigns to inject into existing businesses. It’s an impressive and eye-opening course that explains the easy and proven ways to close deals and literally install business-proven marketing systems and campaigns for big bucks.

Here are 5 tips to succeed with Million Dollar Licensing:

IT IS PROVEN A good example of why proven campaigns work is to look at the business model of ad agencies. Your goal is not necessarily to create a winning campaign with a king-high return, but to win awards for your agency. They come up with a campaign that has a monkey flying across the TV screen or an ad that just has their logo with a pretty woman.

Honestly, that won’t return any money. With a proven marketing campaign, it’s an easy sell because with proof that the campaign has worked in this market, this business, this industry, and made this company $50,000 in less than a week… THAT my friend has a lively business.

Bob’s course goes into great detail on using his proven campaigns for massive success.


The great thing about using a proven marketing campaign is that once you’ve created it, you can search for business after business to install this proven campaign. With a few minor tweaks, it’s customized for your business.

So instead of each business creating a SINGLE campaign, you can use the same one, customized for your business over and over again. The only obstacle is you and finding new business to inject this.

For me, I have used the same marketing campaign over and over again. It’s easier, it’s systematized and completely outsourced!


On most campaigns I’ve set up at certain businesses, I keep a retainer of $5,000 to $20,000 to use our campaign AND a percentage of the profits. The campaign has been proven to work time and time again so I have no qualms about charging that much because I know they will make ten times as much money.

This is one of the best businesses I know of and here’s another reason why…


Another great advantage of using MDL and proven campaigns is that you don’t need to know Adwords, SEO, copywriting guru, know how to build websites, or anything like that… as long as you follow Bob’s plan to attract clients and closing agreements anyone can do this.


With so many silly products, eBooks, courses, and the like coming out every day, most of these strategies will be here one minute and gone the next. Million Dollar Licensing strategies are universal and timeless.

These are universal strategies that have been around for centuries and will continue to be around forever as long as the business exists. So once you learn these tactics and the system that Bob has to offer, you now have the power to grow a great business and potentially earn hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars like me and many of my friends.

I highly recommend Million Dollar Licensing to anyone interested in learning how to build a real business that will last for years and years and who wants the freedom of time and money.


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