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Look into my eyes, boy, and you may live longer

This article is a bit off topic for me; I usually write about personal development from a different perspective, and I don’t usually refer directly to health. However, a recent experience left me so in awe that I couldn’t think to stop writing about it.

About 4 years ago, a friend of mine had told me about a “friendly little guy” up north in Kansas City, Missouri who practiced something called Iridology. Having owned and operated a Hypnosis Center for a number of years, he was certainly open to hearing anything, regardless of how it might sound at first, but when he started telling me about the theory behind iridology, I have to admit. he went against almost everything he had learned in my time as a nurse and at the Naval School of Health Sciences.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the philosopher Vernon Howard was right when he said, “The more true, the less” and that every time I found something that could benefit me if it worked, and was rejected by most people, you’d better take a look. It was that attitude that allowed me to benefit from methods that would eliminate someone’s phobia in less than 20 minutes, even though traditional therapy had failed to do so for 3 years.

Embarrassingly, it took me three and a half years to finally book an appointment and go see world-renowned master herbalist and iridologist, Ron Logan. I arrived at his home office shortly before 10:00 am on a Tuesday morning, accompanied by my wife, Valerie. We were immediately greeted by a thin, extremely energetic man who, by all measures, appeared to be in his 50s or 50s. You can imagine my surprise when I later found out that Ron Logan is 74 years old.

After sitting in his office, Ron launched into what turned out to be the most entertaining two hours I remember having in years. Ron Logan is not your “average” type by a long shot; wisdom and relevant details about his health are interspersed with a brand of humor that not many can pull off, but Logan can, and he does it masterfully.

I was quite surprised to discover that Ron did not do any kind of health consultation, nor did he ask me about my health or my occupation. But I also felt relieved. Since he knew nothing about my health, he would get 100% of his information from my eyeball. Iridologists theorize that the iris holds many clues to one’s state of health, and that an astute iridologist can not only tell a lot about problems you may have had before, but also catch a glimpse of things that could become potential problems if not addressed.

By the end of my two hours with Ron Logan, I had successfully identified the following things about my health, none of which had been revealed to him beforehand. He identified a “mild” mitral valve prolapse, which the Dr. had not been able to hear with the stethoscope and which had not been detected on an EKG. Only after I demanded an echocardiogram did my Kaiser Permanente doctor in San Diego receive “proof” of my MVP. Ron Logan saw it in my eyes! He went on to detect that my right kidney, although functioning at a healthy level, was not as strong as the left one. I have had kidney stones twice, both times in the right kidney. Later, he successfully identified an injury to the lumbar vertebrae; He had sustained a small fracture to his lower back while a Navy SEAL student training BUD/S in San Diego about 12 years earlier. “Your prostate is a little swollen maybe,” Logan said. “But it doesn’t seem to be a problem right now.” Just a year before, when I had my annual physical, my doctor mentioned that my prostate was a little enlarged, but he didn’t seem concerned.

Was Ron Logan lucky? I’ve spent some time in Vegas over the years, and while I’m no mathematician, the statistical probability of Ron guessing aspects of my health that I previously knew about would be an improbability of monstrous proportions. He impressed me to say the least. I later returned with my wife for her date and was amazed to see Ron perform the same “magic” on her, but this time he found something that could have been fatal if he hadn’t caught it when he was; something that traditional medicine had failed to detect in a recent physical examination.

I don’t pretend to know much about iridology, but I know quite a bit about the human body, and this was something else Logan didn’t know about me. If he had been filled with smoke and mirrors with his statements about the human body and how it works neurologically, and the functioning of the endocrine system, he would have known in an instant.

If you’re in the mood for something new and would like to know more about your health in two hours than in the last 10 doctor’s office visits, you can give Ron a call. His office number in Kansas City Missouri is 816-587-4484

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