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Tailored suits: for a man of constant style

When it comes to creating a fashion style of your own making, wearing a suit is an amazing way to distinguish your character. Here is a list of some famous faces well known for his suit as it became an iconic part of his life and work.

Beau brummell

In the days of Regency, England, Beau Brummell was always a trendsetter no matter what clothes he wore. He is even credited with being the man responsible for popularizing the now standard practice of wearing suits with ties. There are all kinds of myths surrounding Brummel, like his rumored habit of spending five hours a day getting dressed. One of Britain’s most renowned style icons, Brummel’s interest in prominent fashion in London’s Savile Row area is credited with helping the district become the world-renowned haven of menswear it is today, already that many famous tailors made a name for themselves designing elaborate garments for Brummel.

The pack of rats

No one has made the tux look cooler than The Rat Pack, the musical collective of artists from the 1950s, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. Wearing a tux always ensured that these gentlemen were the most daring performers in New York City. But aren’t tuxedos uncomfortable? Well these guys never looked less than totally laid back and sophisticated as they took the class of wearing a tailored suit to whole new levels.

The Beatles

Although Sgt Peppers’ subsequent choice of clothing might not have been the fanciest fashions of the 1960s, in their early days the Beatles wore tailored black suits with ties, white shirts, and modern-style haircuts with the maximum style. Her 1964 performance on Ed Sullivan’s iconic American show, dressed in tailored outfits from Savile Row, is the epitome of 1960s rock and roll style.

Oscar Wilde

In the 19th century, the ‘Artistic Dress Movement’ offered a local alternative to the worldwide popularity of Parisian clothing, and it soon became the ‘aesthetic dress’ era of Victorian England. During that time, there was no more distinguished and better dressed gentleman than playwright Oscar Wilde, whose internationally acclaimed bespoke ‘aesthetic conference suit’ was as intelligent as the man himself.

Mark Twain

There is no doubt that the legendary writer Mark Twain had a particular taste and was attached to it. Twain had fourteen white ballroom suits tailored especially to make sure she had a fresh, ready-to-wear one for each day of the week. This sense of style added to his eccentric popular image and ensured that he was a writer who will not cease to be recognized in public.

Wacky tommy

Legendary tailor Tommy Nuttier brought a whole new glamor to Savile Row clothing in the 1960s when he opened the highly successful ‘Nutters of Savile Row’ store with fellow designer Edward Sexton. Trending as it featured bold knitting patterns, it quickly received requests for tailored outfits from prestigious sixties musicians like Elton John and Mick Jagger.

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