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HP Printer Problems and HP Printer Support – For Instant Troubleshooting

As we know, there are many printer manufacturers, but only several manufacturers who have high-quality products. One of them is HP printers, they are recognized for their durability, hardness, high image quality and lower ink consumption, that is why they are very reliable to work hard. HP manufactures various printing devices, such as the HP Photosmart series, HP Laserjet series, HP Color laserjet series, HP All in one series, or HP Multifunction series.

If you are planning to buy an HP printing device for your office or home, you’d better ask yourself some basic questions like:

How many sheets will you print in a day or in a month? If you need to print a lot of sheets and print quickly, all you need to buy is the HP laserjet printer series. It is actually designed for business or business needs because businesses always need to print a lot of data. But today the laserjet printer is not only used by companies, but also used for personal use. The reason is simple because they want to get their work done quickly.

How often will you print data in color? This query is very important because the price of the color cartridge is more expensive than that of the black ink cartridge.

Do you need to print in photographic quality? If you have business in marketing advertising, then you need to print banners with high quality images or photo quality. All you need to buy is the HP Photosmart series, you can choose between the HP Laserjet Photosmart series or the HP Inkjet Photosmart series.

Do you need a workgroup printer or not? If you need one that can be used for workgroups, all you need to buy is a printing device that provides a network connection such as a wireless connection or a wired connection.

After you have asked yourself all the above questions. Now if you decide to buy the HP Laserjet printer, there are some error codes that occur frequently on this device. If any error codes occur to your printer, all you have to do is go to HP printer support. You can get help by visiting the official HP website. Below I have listed some error codes that occur often:

Error code 02: Relates to printer warm-up problems. If it happens to you, you can check your input / output cable.

Error code 11: This is due to a lack of paper in the paper tray. If it happens to your device, you can add more papers to your paper tray.

Error Code 14: This code is related to the existence of a toner ink cartridge.

Error code 22: indicates that there are some incorrect printer settings.

Error Code 30: This shows a Postscript firmware problem.

Error code 40 – This means there is a problem with the connection between the printer and the computer. All you have to do is check if the cable is connected correctly.


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