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Say Sayonara To That Smelly Penis: 7 Ways To Prevent Penis Odor

Nothing says “goodbye” to romance like a smelly penis. Having a member that smells worse than Limburger can not only burn your nostrils, it can also put a damper on any potential intimacy. Many things can cause penis odor, but usually the cause includes a combination of dead skin cells, debris, sweat, and leftover body fluids. Catch all of that with your pubic hair and tight whites, and you’ve got a pack that smells pretty musty. But fear not! There are many ways to make sure a smelly penis doesn’t bother you. Take 1 or more of these 7 tips to prevent penis odor.

Tip #1: Good grooming

The easiest way to keep a smelly penis at bay is to engage in a thorough yet simple daily grooming regimen. Use warm water and a mild cleanser to wash the muzzle. Be sure to get into every fold and crevice, gently pulling back the foreskin and washing it well. Rinse thoroughly and air dry if possible. If it’s too cold or you’re in a hurry, pat yourself dry with a soft, warm towel. This ritual must be repeated daily, or more often in the case of sexual or sports activities.

Tip #2: Fix the Funk

If a smelly penis lurks, inspect the area for smegma. This gross, whitish, thick discharge can really stink up the joint. It can be anywhere, but it loves to snuggle up in the foreskin. If left in there too long, it will not only cause a smelly penis, but also infection and inflammation. To get rid of smegma, wash the area well and rinse well. Repeat until gone.

Tip #3: Take a Powder

Before putting on your underwear, sprinkle a little powder on your penis and sac. The powder absorbs moisture and odours. It also makes the skin feel silky and refreshing. Like all things, try the most natural product possible. Also, be sure to wash your hands before you get dressed, or you’ll have white handprints throughout your workday.

Tip #4: Clean it up

When things get hot and soggy, tame the flavor by running a wipe through the trash. Using a natural wipe, baby wipe or not, is a great way to freshen up and reduce penile odor. It also feels good. Keep single-use wipes in your pocket, work bag, or desk drawer for a nice pick-me-up and invigorating area, while avoiding penis odor.

Tip #5: Trim hedges

Hair protects the penis, but it also traps anything that comes near it, like bodily fluids, sweat, dirt, and more. These not-so-appetizing combinations can lead to a pretty intense stench. Giving the area a good trim reduces how much can get caught and smelly later. Plus, a little trimming makes the trunk look bigger, so double bonus to you!

Tip #6: Go Commando

An easy tip to incorporate is to go to bed with less. Except in your body, that is. The snout is a moist, dark place that breeds bacteria and stinks. By sleeping naked and letting everything hang out, you give the area some much-needed ventilation. This also reduces humidity and brings balance to the area.

Tip #7: Take the extra step

If you really want to keep a smelly penis away, use an oil specially formulated for penis health. (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil that has been clinically proven to be safe and gentle on the skin) to refresh the skin and protect against bacteria. Look for an oil that includes vitamins C and D to rejuvenate skin and promote cell turnover, which helps slough off old skin along with other fluids, bacteria, and debris for the freshest skin possible.


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